Minecraft crafting: The way to world domination!

A few days after the launching of minecraft, there was lots of feedback as well as criticism about the game. Some love to play it and some would just rather stick to their old games. This maybe because of the fact they are not interested to try and consider this new game as trash and would be like other online games that are boring and a waste of money and time for them. However, contrary to what they believe, minecraft is really engaging. According to some players who are really into this game, minecraft is similar to virus because it’s addicting. The graphics are superb and the characters in the game can give attachments to players. Thus, we can’t help ourselves to ask what this minecraft all about is. What’s with the games that make each player so involved?

Ok, let’s start from the word minecraft. Basically, minecraft comes from the two words mine and craft. Mine referred to mining which means taking out of minerals under the ground and craft referred to skills of doing something. The game such this is really exciting and thrilling especially those who are fond of playing games such kind like building houses, crafting, mining, trading, and more. Gamers will tend to be more engaged with the game because they will create their own world from scratch into a prosperous piece of land. In order for the players to build their house, they need to make blocks which they can get from minerals. Thus, players must mine minerals just to make the blocks, and later on build their house. And before someone can make blocks out of minerals, he needs to have the skills in order to craft. Thus, minecraft crafting is really important in order for someone to survive in the game. During the game, you need to have the weapons, tools, drinks, foods, transportation, and more.

Minecraft as the name of the game implies is all about crafting. And just like in our real life, everything that you need in order to survive is just there around for you to survive. Minecraft crafting has over 170 recipes. These recipes are what you need to craft. The game is a little bit challenging. Well, that’s what this game all about. The enjoyment and satisfaction is the feeling that you achieve once you successfully created the world of your own. But let’s discuss how can craft something out of the items that have collected.

From your inventory, you need to move items going to the crafting grid. You can start with a simple crafting grid which is 2×2. Later on, if you have already mastered the game you can craft items in a more complex way which you are required to have a 3×3 grid.  The workbench or a crafting table also needs to be crafted out of wooden planks. To have an access to the crafting table you just need to put workbench on the ground then click on it. So, as you can notice just like in our real life in order for us to craft things efficiently we need to have a crafting table too!

Minecraft is really exciting to play with because it seems like you are just in the real world you live in. Crafting things out of the items are great fun! And once you’ve crafted something and you use it in your day to day is a great achievement.

Minecraft Mods

It’s really a good news for all of us who are fond of playing minecraft whenever there are minecraft mods update that Mojang team can add in. However, the problem with this is that fact that it’s a little bit inconvenient since each new version would require mothers to start from the vest beginning and fix the incompatible programs. Given here below are the new minecraft mods that every player can enjoy. These exciting add-ons would bring a lot of joy to every player of minecraft. Here they go!

OptiFine. The Minecraft must be an excellent laptop game. However, as much as anyone want to have the version of this, it makes the laptop slower to respond. Thus, this one improves the performance of your laptop. There are actually three versions of this: light, standard, and the last one is the ultra. The last two are intended for the systems to support the HD textures as well as the fonts, this is for the purpose of making the system compatible with the hi-res textures.

Millenaire. Another good news for the 1.3 update is the addition of trading, It makes the weird looking villagers more like real because this makes those people more engaging. Their gestures are like real villagers. It makes the game more alive and exciting. Moreover, this add-on is not just all about trading but presents edifying items which allows players produce controlled villages as well as newer multi-chaptered expedition.

Biomes O Plenty. The main purpose of this is to continually offer new and explorable world. Aide from the existing features, there’s more to offer and won’t just settle on volcanic lava as well as Alpen regions.

Better than wolves. It provides the enormous load of new game contents. Actually, the mechanical power of the Better Than Wolves is the offer that it allows you to play and enjoy the windmills, gear boxes, water wheels, and the incredible mechanical contraptions. In addition, there are also lots of materials, as well as block types and enchantments that you can play which must include the pottery, light-directing lenses, and cement.

Single Player Commands. This was also added but requires you to enable options at the very beginning of the new world generation. In addition to that, this cheat is limited  but provides you with more scope. Finally, this add-on is also great for testing mods.

TooManyItems. Another add-on that enables cheating. This is actually an inventory that offers you with the complete option of items, mob to equip, and blocks. Aside from that, this will give you an access to each and every item that you can have in the game. The toolbar at the upper part will give you an authority over time, regardless if you want to switch from creative mode to survival mode, everything is possible.

Smart Moving. The smart moving gives you moves in range the traversing terrain that gives you a natural and fresh experience.  In here you  can lift yourself as high as two blocks, climb fences, and even crawl over the caves, as well as dive into the lakes. What’s more thrilling? You can fly high just like your super idol, Superman! Now, think about the best pose that you can imagine to happen.

Rei’s Minimap pose. Don’t be surprised if you can find a map in the top corner of your screen. But that’s not an amazing thing about this map, but its capabilities. This is very useful and allows you to put a diamond marker. Because of this particular mark, it allows you to locate your house, as well as mining, and even the NPC building.

Balkan’s Weapons. In minecraft mods, you can notice that there are lots of weapons that you can use while playing. However, this particular weapon of Balkan is far different from them. Why? This is because, it’s the best among those weapons. The melee weapons, halberd, spear, battleaxe, and the warhammer are not just mere weapons or sword for an instance. The masterpiece of the group is the musket. It is complicated to make as well as complex to use. Meaning to say, it is made of tricky materials. Thus, the power is really incredible and a weapon that you must really have to have in the game.

Biosphere. During the world creation, do not forget to place the Biosphere option. This is when it happens that you consider this kind of add-on if you activate this, the world will be full of floating spheres. And each sphere contains various biome. Furthermore, each sphere is interlinked with a bridge. This bridge contains the essential ores that can be found at the side. Because of this, it can create an effect that is an interesting landscape of an abstract design.

As you can observe, the minecraft has lots to offer and the professional artists as well as the creators are not giving up to give you joy and happiness in every additional minecraft mod that you can use in your game. Every add-on is equivalent to more fun and exciting revelation for you. These revelations are here to give you satisfaction and contentment while you play. It provides all your needs and won’t give you any chance to look or find for another online game. We understand that there are lots of online games nowadays. As a matter of fact, in order for them to become more engaged and addicting, you can play them offline also by simply downloading their classic mode. Hence, the minecraft team is also doing something great to offer to all the avid players of the game. They allow you to customize your avatars and as much as possible make the game as part of yourself. They want you to be more attach by simply allowing you to become part of the  characters.

These minecraft mods are just here to make your life easier. You can now play as much as you want to be creative at the same time. You can visit the website from time to time and check anymore updates about the mods that you know you need in the game.

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